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Chris Sprowls renews push for data privacy as opposition mounts from insurers, business groups

“The only winner in that equation are the lawyers who will grind away at an infinite number of hours over pennies for a consumer,” Delegal said. “And the only winner who comes out is a lawyer collecting fees for that.”

September 14, 2021

Personnel note: Delegal | Aubuchon adds Scott Jenkins as government affairs director

“Scott’s industry experiences along with his work on political campaigns and political advising will be a great complement to our services,” firm partner Mark Delegal said. “Most importantly, we have confidence in his integrity and work ethic.”

August 11, 2021

Sunburn — The morning read of what’s hot in Florida politics

Tallahassee-based attorney Mark Delegal, partner with Delegal & Aubuchon, was recently ranked among the nation’s leading lawyers in both the 2021 Chambers USA and Super Lawyers® Legal Guides.

August 11, 2021

TLH Briefcase

Tallahassee-based attorney Mark Delegal, partner with Delegal & Aubuchon, was recently ranked among the nation’s leading lawyers in both the 2021 Chambers USA and Super Lawyers® Legal Guides.

July 18, 2021

Florida chief judge wins Pinellas liquor license lottery

In Pinellas County, Antonacci’s license is probably worth about $445,000, according to Josh Aubuchon, a Tallahassee lobbyist who represents craft brewers and distilleries. “The demand is just going crazy,” Aubuchon said.

July 1, 2021

1930s law bars Florida breweries from distributing their own beer

"It’s kind of crazy when you think about it," said Josh Aubuchon, a partner with Delegal Aubuchon Consulting in Tallahassee and a lobbyist for the Florida Brewers Guild. "You’ve got folks who make a product, but can’t sell it to other retailers. They're required by law to sell it to a third party to pick it up and deliver it."

June 11, 2021

Bid To Overturn Key West Vote May Be Sinking

Josh Aubuchon, a lobbyist for the group Florida Ports for Economic Independence, which has opposed the measure, also saw little chance of the bill moving forward. “I wouldn’t say it is buried in the ground just yet … but I’m not getting a pulse,” Aubuchon said Tuesday.

April 27, 2021

Lawmakers weigh changes in program for injured infants

“Those of you who have been around a few years know that tort reform is extremely, extremely difficult. If you put the termination provision in, the ability to get it back will be World War III … Once that sunset sets in, it’s armageddon.” said lobbyist Mark Delegal, whose clients include The Doctors Company, which provides medical-malpractice coverage for physicians.

April 20, 2021

Florida Senate votes to overturn local voters on Key West cruise ship restrictions

House sponsor Spencer Roach, R-North Fort Myers, argued the November 2020 vote was based on trying to attract a different class of tourists to the community, rather than on environmental issues, as backers of the referendum say. But Josh Aubuchon, a lobbyist for the group Florida Ports for Economic Independence, said the referendum placed “reasonable” limits on cruise ships to protect the environment and conserve the community character of the Keys.

April 23, 2021

Key West business owners lobby legislators over port bill

Lobbyist Josh Aubuchon, hired by the activists, explained that the referendum would not stop 94% of the cruise ship traffic that comes into port and would allow 35 current vessels to qualify and another 49 cruise ships under construction.

April 14, 2021

What’s the status of a bill to overturn Key West’s cruise vote? It’s getting narrower

Josh Aubuchon, representing Florida Ports for Economic Independence, told the Senate committee the proposal is intended to simply overturn an election. “Unlike other local regulations that burden private property, that say you can’t paint your building this color or you can’t do this, you can’t do that with your own private property, these referenda are all about the city-owned port,” Aubuchon said. “So, basically, we’re telling the folks down in Key West, who voted for these referenda, they knew what they were voting on, that while they can elect their representatives there, that they can’t control their own port that they own.”

March 10, 2021

Bill would end some medical malpractice suit immunity

Mark Delegal, representing three companies that insure doctors and some hospitals, said doctors in some practice areas pay several times the insurance premiums as those in other states and the bill would worsen that. “The balance you’re going to have to decide today is can we compensate every single person in every single circumstance who has sadness,” he said. “There’s been an assertion here this won’t cause rates to increase. No one has presented data on that.”

March 8, 2021

Scaled-Back Bill Targets Florida Port Regulations

Josh Aubuchon, representing the recently formed group Florida Ports for Economic Independence, said Key West voters decided to change the business model of the port to protect their waters and keep the character of the island “unique, cool and funky.” “In four years, the image of the Keys as a destination has been in decline,” Aubuchon said. “In 2019, Fodor's travel magazine put the Keys on the no-do list, warning tourists to avoid the area because of overcrowding, the deterioration of the coral reef, and if you've ever gone out there snorkeling and seeing the coral reefs, it's pretty breathtaking. And all these conditions are being made worse by the large cruise ships.”

March 3, 2021

A session unlike any before to kickoff Tuesday

In-person testimony is now remote via video from a mile away, but you still have to be in the Capital City. Even long-time lobbyists find it unnerving. “It’s surreal. I don’t even feel like I am talking to anyone,” said insurance lobbyist Mark Delegal.

March 3, 2021

Lawmakers back compensation for ‘wronged’ Jacksonville man

Echoing Daniels, other lawmakers and the lawyers who worked on his case praised the elderly man for maintaining a positive attitude despite conditions that might have prompted a different response in others. Delegal said Williams “taught me a lot about his grace and thankfulness” throughout the process. “It’s been a blessing to get to know this guy,” Delegal said.

March 10, 2020

COVID legal protections for medical groups backed by Florida Senate committee

Mark Delegal, a lobbyist who represents The Doctors Company, MAGMutual Insurance Co. and ProAssurance Corp., opposed Polsky’s amendment. But Delegal conceded that the part of the bill targeted in Polsky’s amendment wasn’t clear. “This language is subject to maybe some lack of clarity, and maybe it could be improved,” Delegal said,adding he didn’t think itl offered blanket immunity and that cases could still be brought against providers.

March 10, 2021

Sixty Days for 2.18.20

Delegal hasn’t been touting his role in the process, but his colleagues in the Tallahassee lobbying corps won’t let him escape without at least a share of the credit. Capital City Consulting lobbyist Ashley Kalifeh lauded Delegal “for his tireless (and pro bono) representation of Clifford Williams in the quest for justice. Most people in the process already knew he was a good guy, but lest there be any doubt.”

February 18, 2020

Hold my beer: Florida may allow dogs at breweries

“The real crux of what our legislative agenda looks like is quite aggressive,” Aubuchon said of the DiCeglie bill. “It’s more aggressive than what some other states have done in the past because we want to be more free market and lessen regulation for our breweries.”

February 10, 2020

‘Most complicated issue’: PIP repeal to get serious consideration in 2020 Session

Delegal thinks PIP is the single most complicated issue in Tallahassee. But he expects the Senate to give the bills a serious look. For his part, Delegal has some clients who want to keep it, and others who want reforms. All of his clients think the state can do better, he said, but the perfect solution is yet to be seen.

January 9, 2020

Florida appeals court upholds cap on medical malpractice awards in arbitration

"Physicians of our state and hospitals ought to be optimistic about the future jurisprudence in the area of medical professional liability insurance,” Delegal told the Record. The decision indicates that future court decisions will better respect the will of the state legislature on medical liability abuses, he said. This week’s decision’s effect, however, will be relatively limited because it deals strictly with the remedy of arbitration, in which the defendant admits liability and offers to enter into negotiations over damages, according to Delegal.

December 20, 2019

Senate panel approves Gov. Ron DeSantis' proposal to import drugs from Canada

Mark Delegal, a lobbyist for the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, told senators Tuesday that they can lower prescription drug costs in other ways, including cracking down on pharmacy benefit managers that, he said, don’t pass along savings and rebates to consumers.

April 10, 2019

House could approve DeSantis’ drug-import plan on Thursday

PhRMA representative Mark Delegal said prescription drug prices can be lowered by more closely scrutinizing pharmacy benefit managers [PBMs] that don’t pass along savings and rebates to consumers. “People are watching you,” Delegal said.  “Counterfeiters are watching you. The public is watching you. And when you give a green light to this Canadian system, it’s going to change public conduct. They are going to go out and start saying, “Hey, this has been green-lighted.’ And all the counterfeiters will pop up and begin to make their products available.”

April 10, 2019

Josh Aubuchon: Threatening student scholarships a new low for beer distributors

Josh Aubuchon: “This is about adapting a badly aging system created in 1935 to a brave new world — a world that now includes over 260 craft breweries in Florida with an economic impact of more than $3.5 billion.”

April 4, 2019

Genetic testing for life insurance targeted by Florida lawmakers

Another opponent, insurance lobbyist Mark Delegal, said life-insurance policies are based on the free and open exchange of information. As a result of that information, insurers have “one bite at the apple to estimate the risk of 30 to 40 years in the future,” Delegal said.’

March 27, 2019

Opinion Point of View: Florida lawmakers should put a stop to too many meritless ‘bad faith’ claims

Mark Delegal: “The best course of action is to stem the tide of litigation with steady and appropriate legislation. We need to make it more difficult to file such meritless third-party bad-faith lawsuits. This is not to say we make it impossible for people to seek proper damages when they are wronged, but rather, take heed of the IRC report’s warnings and make sure there is no longer an incentive to pursue vague, meritless claims.”

December 16, 2018
“Our fear is this is too easy; they’re going to come back and push something more egregious that would hurt us,” he (Aubuchon) said. “So we’re going to keep up the fight.”

July 30, 2018

House votes 88-15 to repeal Florida’s no-fault car insurance system

It amounts to “PIP version 2.0” and preserves a “costly and inefficient” system, said Mark Delegal, a lobbyist representing State Farm, at Wednesday’s hearing.’

January 12, 2018

Florida's Beer Industry Finally Gets Some Much-Needed Wind In Its Sails

“They’re no longer thinking of it as a Berliner weiss they’re thinking of it as a Florida weiss,” he (Aubuchon) says.

February 28, 2017

Florida's craft beer industry poised to win long-sought changes

"The pieces in Jack (Latvala's) bill are a really good compromise," said Josh Aubuchon, executive director of the Florida Brewers Guild, the primary advocate for craft breweries. "I don't think anybody can say they got shortchanged."

February 28, 2015

ABC liquor stores, A-B and MillerCoors beer distributors challenge craft brewery licenses

Florida has grown from a state with six craft breweries in 2007 to nearly 90 now. Most start-up breweries need the profit from tasting rooms in order to grow. “Without the tasting rooms, you’d see a majority of these breweries go out of business,” said Josh Aubuchon, a lobbyist for the Florida Brewers Guild. “When you first get started and you’re making 500 barrels a year, the tasting room is your lifeblood. That’s how you stay afloat.”

January 5, 2015
Mark Delegal said, “This is critically important to create a level playing field in the defense of health care providers accused of malpractice." Mr. Delegal worked for 20 years on getting the law passed to allow hospitals and doctors who are defendants in medical malpractice suits equal access to medical fact witnesses.

October 10, 2014
Mark Delegal of Holland & Knight in Tallahassee is consistently ranked among the top lobbyists in the state but never rests on his laurels.

August 28, 2014

The Huffington Post

"It's already one of the most heavily regulated industries of the country. Any kind of deregulation and opening of the market can only be beneficial to the consumer," said Alcohol Beverage Attorney Josh Aubuchon.

April 10, 2014
"This is about competing industries," Alcohol Beverage Attorney Josh Aubuchon, general counsel to the craft brewers in the Florida Brewers Guild, said. "And there's extremely powerful lobbying."

February 1, 2014

Orlando Sentinel

"We believe that a rising tide lifts all boats and that our legislation would have a very positive impact for all tiers in the beer industry," Aubuchon said.

January 2014